U•GO Mobility is part of the Buzaglo company. Buzaglo is a Dutch company that has been importing, developing and producing bicycles and bicycle-related products for more than 60 years and delivers these to bicycle wholesalers and manufacturers in the Netherlands and abroad.


The company and its staff possess an enormous knowledge of the bicycle industry, with folding bicycles in particular. In 2019, it was decided to set up its own mobility brand, under which (electric) folding bicycles, E-steps and accessories would be marketed. Other mobility products will be added in the future. The aim is to make all products elegant, strong and user-friendly with a beautiful appearance in both form and colour.

Together with a young and skilful design team, we have worked hard on the design of a range of folding bicycles, divided into three frame models; DARE, JUST & NOW.

All parts from which the bicycles would be constructed had to be of absolute top quality. From the tyre to the brake disc and from the valve to the motor. So not only beautiful, but also good and solid.

The whole team of U•GO Mobility thinks they have succeeded well and are very proud of the result. They hope you feel the same way and that after purchasing one of their bikes you will enjoy your U•GO product for many years to come.

If you have any questions you can always contact us directly via our contact form or you can go to the shop where you bought the bicycle.

On behalf of the U•GO team: happy cycling!