Congratulations on the purchase of your U•GO folding bicycle. To ensure that you can fully enjoy what your new folding bicycle has to offer, we recommend that you read this service and user manual carefully.



  • Have your new U•GO assembled by an authorized bicycle specialist before cycling
  • A compact folding bicycle has a number of hinge points that must be properly adjusted and must be cleaned and lubricated regularly.
  • The maximum weight that your U•GO can carry is 110kg. This weight is the total of rider plus luggage
  • Do not set the seat post higher than indicated and tighten the seat post quick-release tight enough
  • Do not set the stem higher than indicated and tighten the stem quick release skewer tight enough
  • Check the tire pressure regularly. This prevents excessive tire wear and makes cycling much more pleasant
  • The chain and other rotating parts of your folding bicycle should be kept clean and lubricated regularly
  • Keep the bicycle clean and clean it regularly with water. When using a high-pressure cleaner, it is advisable to keep the nozzle at least 30 cm from bearing parts to prevent moisture from entering the hub or bottom bracket.
  • After cleaning, lubricate the rotating parts with the correct oils and use a rust inhibitor to keep the steel parts rust-free
  • Note: A folding bicycle that is not properly unfolded and of which the frame and stem locks are not properly secured may not be used!


Step 1. Sit on the left side of the bike and fold the side stand

Step 2. Open the top quick release on the handlebar and rotate it so that the brake levers 'point' down parallel to the stem

Step 3. Open the stem latch, flip the handlebars, and make sure the height-adjustable handlebars are just below the front axle of the bike

Step 4. Lower the seatpost and retighten the seatpost clamp

Step 5. Fold the pedals and set the left crank to 8 o'clock

Step 6. Open the frame latch and fold the frame until the magnet clicks between fork and frame


Step 1. Unfold the frame and close the frame latch so that the lock can be closed

Step 2. Unfold the Pedals

Step 3. Open the seatpost clamp and adjust the seat to the desired height

Step 4. Flip up the stem and close the stem latch so that the lock can be closed

Step 5. Adjust the stem to the correct height

Step 6. Open the top quick release on the handlebar and rotate it so that the brake levers are in the desired position


  • Folding – handlebar/saddle/pedals/frame
  • Unfold – frame / pedals / saddle / handlebar


Adjustment, maintenance and repairs are best carried out by the trusted hands of a two-wheeler specialist or U•GO dealer. Regular maintenance is important. The frequency of course depends on the use, but at least once a year.