Why U•GO and not another (electric) folding bicycle?

After all, there are other suppliers! The answer is, of course, "yes", there are indeed other suppliers. But there are some points where we know we make a difference compared with other manufacturers of folding bicycles. We would like to explain these for you point by point below.

  • Designed and produced by a Dutch company, which mother company of U•GO has been in the bike business for over 60 years.
  • Short lines between customer, retailer and supplier, so quick follow-up in case of emergencies.
  • With three different frame types, we offer a nice wide range of products.
  • All materials from which the bicycle is built are of superior quality.
  • Extra attention has been paid to special colour lines of the bicycles.
  • Good distribution of different price ranges.
  • Stock of spare parts is stored in the Netherlands and not in Asia.
  • For all models, the price in relation to the quality of the bicycles is above average.